Jessica Chastain Reveals She Has Crippling Shyness & Almost Had A Breakdown In The Middle Of Inside The Actors Studio! Watch!

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Jessica Chastain has a larger-than-life personality on the big screen, but she’s MUCH more timid IRL!

During Wednesday night’s episode of Inside The Actors Studio, the 39-year-old explained she has suffered from crippling shyness ever since she was a child, and even used to refer to herself as an ‘ugly duckling’!

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In fact, the gorgeous gal explained she was almost sent into a panic in the middle of her conversation with James Lipton, saying:

“I’m almost having a breakdown right now.”

She confessed to the host that she’s still incredibly shy to this day, but explained why she was drawn to the public art of acting and performing.

The California native dished:

“Acting for me has never been about wanting attention or wanting to be seen, it is about connecting with another person and about the intimacy of what that is.”

The beauty proved her love of the craft was genuine — and not motivated by fame — by admitting she would skip school to study Shakespeare:

“I cut school to read Shakespeare and to learn about that, because for the first time I felt like I really discovered a passion, the passion of my life.”

We’re so glad Jessica was able to successfully follow that passion!

Ch-ch-check out the interview highlight and give her even MORE attention (below)!

[Image via Bravo.]

Dec 22, 2016 5:51pm PDT

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