Kendra Wilkinson Spilled The Beans About Santa Claus To Her 7-Year-Old Son & Here’s Why…

kendra wilkinson tells son truth about santa claus

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is all about being honest with her kids.

Which explains why the Girls Next Door alum told her seven-year-old son Hank IV the truth about Santa Claus. Now before you judge Hugh Hefner‘s ex, know she had a good reason for spilling the beans on this holiday secret!

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During a chat with E! News, Miz Wilkinson-Baskett explained:

“I did spill the beans to little Hank about Santa. It was a rule: If he asked me twice, I’m not going to lie to him. This day in age, they’re on the Internet. People are finding things out earlier.”

This is honestly such a good point. Also, no parent wants their kid to think of them as a liar. She continued:

“I want Little Hank to know that he can rely on me for his truths, not his friends and now I can go home and really teach him that this is what the holidays are about.”

And Kendra is certainly setting a good example for her kids as, amid her chat with the news outlet, the Playboy model was also working with Pay Away the Layaway charity. Awwww!

If you’re still worried about little Hank and how he’s handling the truth bomb about Saint Nick, there’s no need to fret since he’s excited to help his younger sister Alijah Mary believe in Santa. The reality vet quipped:

“He’s having a good time pulling the trick on Alijah. He loves being involved with the Santa thing. We’ll play it by ear with her.”

Smart move.

What do YOU think? When should a kid learn the truth about Santa?

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Dec 22, 2016 3:59pm PDT

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