Nursing Student Who Murdered Bridalplasty Alum Tried To Wipe Her Body Clean Before Burying Her In Shallow Grave

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This is so disturbing!

As you know, tragedy struck this weekend when former Bridalplasty contestant Lisa Marie Naegle was murdered by a man she was allegedly seeing, Jackie Jerome Rogers, after she tried to break up with him.

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While we already knew some details about the death as Jackie confessed to the murder after being questioned by the LAPD, TMZ has learned some new and pretty strange details!

It was already reported that Mr. Rogers killed Naegle by striking her seven times in the head with a hammer. But after police found the young woman’s body buried in Jackie’s back yard, they discovered the murderer had tried to wipe her body clean! HUH?!

While police also found the hammer and some blood-stained clothes, Mr. Rogers told police that he freaked out after seeing all the blood on Miz Naegle’s body and attempted to get rid of the evidence by cleaning the crime scene.

And yet, the body was still buried in HIS backyard in a shallow grave!

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Since police also found footage of the former reality star getting in Rogers’ SUV hours before she was killed, cops are searching the car for evidence and believe that Jackie may have committed the crime in the vehicle.

As for Jackie and Lisa’s relationship, Naegle was married to Derek Harryman, but Rogers claimed the two were having an affair. YIKES.

Following the tragic event, Harryman told ABC News about his immediate feelings after he learned of his wife’s death:

“I felt helpless. Lost. Miserable. Sad. Angry. I just wanted answers.”

We can’t begin to imagine such a horrific loss, and our hearts go out to all those affected by the loss of Lisa.

[Image via LAPD/Facebook.]

Dec 22, 2016 8:42am PDT

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