Man Who Murdered Jean Shepard’s Granddaughter Told Cousin He Had Killed Before!

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This is SERIOUSLY messed up!

Over the weekend, tragedy struck as country star Jean Shepard‘s granddaughter Icie Sloan Hawkins was killed by her satanist boyfriend… who was then himself shot by Shepard’s widow!

What’s even more terrifying is Hawkins’ bf Travis Sanders had allegedly killed before according to the late girl’s cousin!

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Icie had been staying with her step-grandpa Benny Birchfield at his Nashville home following Jean’s death on September 25. But when the 79-year-old returned home last Saturday night, he heard noise in the basement and went to check it out!

To Benny’s horror, he saw Hawkins lying dead on her bed in blood-soaked sheets as Sanders started to attack the elderly man with a 10-inch Bowie knife!

Though Mr. Birchfield was badly cut on his face and neck, he was able to pull out his revolver and shoot the 21-year-old five times and kill him.

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In an interview with though, Icie’s cousin Rachael Hawkins revealed that Sanders once bragged about killing someone before!

Though Rachael admits none of her family or her cousin’s friends really liked the victim’s boyfriend, she remembers one particular night sitting around a fire:

“I’d already decided I didn’t like him at that point and I wasn’t really listening to him, I was playing with my phone. But I remember he said he had killed someone.”


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The grieving family member went on to explain:

“I thought it was just a 20-year-old kid boasting. But now, after what happened to Icie, I do believe it. I believe he was capable of anything.”

Miz Hawkins added:

“If this can help solve an unsolved murder then I am more than willing to help.”

Icie’s mom Velvet Sloan had said her daughter only began dating her beau earlier this year, and her little girl learned over the summer via Facebook that Travis was a Satanist!

The girl’s best friend Jordan Hammer revealed to the site that her bestie had tried to end things with the lunatic:

“Icie had wanted to break up with him for a while. She tried about three weeks ago. But he did the typical manipulative thing telling her they were perfect for each other and persuaded her not to. She even told him: ‘I’m scared you are going to kill me,’ but he said he would never hurt her. She showed me the message she sent him. She knew what he was capable of.”

Heartbreakingly, Icie’s mom tried to warn her little girl as well, saying:

“I told her guys like that will end up killing you and she just looked at me and said: ├óΓé¼╦£I know, I know.'”


The disturbing behavior didn’t end with Satanism, though, as Rachael admitted Sanders “was always talking about different blades and knives.” Icie’s cuz even went on to say that Travis sharpened his fingernails on one hand into points and told her he did so in case he needed to claw anyone’s eyes out!

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Jordan also said Mr. Sanders once scratched “666” into her bible!

Icie’s funeral service is supposed to be held Friday, but there will be no open casket as Miz Sloan said her daughter’s throat was slit too badly:

“The funeral director wouldn’t allow an open casket the wounds were so bad. It was a prolonged attack.”

Instead, her family all agreed to have her cremated.

While we still don’t know Travis’ motive, police have closed the investigation, and no charges were brought against Mr. Birchfield for shooting the young man.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by this terrible crime as we wait to see if police investigate the other person Sanders allegedly murdered.

[Image via Facebook.]

Dec 23, 2016 3:43pm PDT

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