Models Stumbled Upon A Dead Body… And Didn’t Report It For SIX HOURS Until They Were Done With Their Photoshoot!

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“The show must go on” has a few exceptions, people.

Five models, a photographer, and the two men who commissioned them were trying to avoid work permits when they broke into an abandoned warehouse near Manchester back in 2015 — but trespassing was the least of their worries.

That’s because on July 15 of last year, designers Andrew and Sean Geaney and their crew stumbled upon a dead body during their shoot at the Old Dunlop Warehouse… and then didn’t report it for SIX HOURS until after they were done!

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Apparently, the group of eight found 27-year-old Declan Noonan‘s dead body at around 7 p.m. local time — but when they realized he had hung himself, they decided to wait to report it because it “wasn’t going anywhere.”

We’re even hearing the brothers, photographer Owen Birell, and models Leroy Numa, Max Dos Santos Leite, Habibi Deen, Amber Dobson (pictured above), and Oliver Lewis-Chapman went out for pizza before Sean’s girlfriend convinced them to call it in at around 1 a.m. the next day!

The octet were due in Manchester Town Hall this week to explain themselves, where Sean defended his We Are What We Are label, saying:

“We could have called, we should have called, but we didn’t. We are not sociopaths. When we got home what happened hit us. It felt completely surreal. It was almost like it didn’t happen. There was no rational thinking.”

Andrew added:

“Everyone was really shocked. No-one was thinking rationally. I think we were concerned because we were trespassing. The plan was to call that in anonymously. Naively, we thought that was possible.”

Max seemed to have the most lax attitude about the whole thing, saying:

“We just came to the conclusion that we needed to get stuff done. In all due respect, we only had that time on that day to get stuff done. We didn’t have any other free time. With all due respect, it wasn’t going anywhere.”


Luckily for the fashion-forward felons, failing to report the crime would only be criminal if they waited until the next morning… so they’re completely off the hook. Except for Leroy, who now has a warrant out for his arrest after skipping the inquest as well!

Declan was reportedly paranoid before taking his own life, and while we feel terribly for his family… the models’ timeliness wouldn’t have prevented his death.

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In fact, he probably would have been missing longer had the group not trespassed in the first place.

Do U think the selfish selfie-takers deserve a tougher punishment??

Rest in peace, Declan.

[Image via Manchester Evening News.]

Dec 23, 2016 11:19am PDT

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