Taylor Swift Believes Her Life May Be In Danger If Transcripts From Sexual Assault Case Are Leaked!

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What a frightening time for Taylor Swift!

According to TMZ, Taylor and her legal team are fighting to have transcripts from her sexual assault case against David Mueller sealed. Apparently Swift and her attorneys believe the situation could be a matter of life or death.

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As we previously reported, the singer countersued David in 2015 after he allegedly groped her. Mueller had initially sued Tay for supposedly getting him fired from his DJ gig after she complained about the incident.

Now that the case has reached the courts, Swift’s team is vigorously trying to keep critical testimony from the trial sealed.

Specifically, the legal reps cite responses to questions about Taylor’s security team and past threats as sensitive information. The attorneys believe if the names of these threatening perps went public, it could encourage them to act out.

A lawyer explained:

“The same people who have threatened Ms. Swift in the past, as well as copy cats, may be emboldened by public attention.”


As of now, a judge has yet to rule on the request. We’ll keep you updated when we receive a verdict.

[Image via WENN/Judy Eddy]

Dec 23, 2016 6:23pm PDT

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