Massive Quinceañera Marked With Death As THOUSANDS Crash Party After Viral Facebook Invitation!

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Quinceañeras are always big events, but Rubi Ibarra Garcia got a few more than she expected on Monday when THOUSANDS of people showed up to her party.

And unfortunately, tragedy marred the festivities as one man lost his life!

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Garcia’s 15th birthday party was supposed to be special but ended up being MUCH bigger after her father, Crescencio Garcia, made a mistake when he posted the event to Facebook!

The party-planning poppa originally took the social media site to share:

“We invite you on December 26 to our daughter Rubi Ibarra Garcia’s quincea├â┬▒era in La Joya.”

Crescencio added that “Everyone is cordially invited.”

The only problem with the invite is he made his post “public” as opposed to “private” and his message, which was intended for the family’s neighbors and friends, went out to literally EVERYONE on Facebook.

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It didn’t take long for the RSVPs to reach 1.2 million as the video was shared over 978,000 times! It got SO crazy that the Mexican airline Interjet even offered a 30-percent discount on flights! YIKES!

Luckily, Rubi took the overwhelming surprise in stride as she posted several times on FB about the event and how excited she was. When the big day came, the 15-year-old even said:

The girl’s message translates to:

“To all those who have already arrived I ask you to please do not despair because in truth we are many people and we are just seeing how to speed things up. I just ask for your patience so that we can all enjoy this party.”

The party was anticipated to be so MASSIVE that Mexican officials asked local, state, and federal authorities to help provide security for the town, which normally is home to only about 200 people — not 20,000!

Sadly though, the event was still marked with tragedy after one man died during a planned horse racing event.

Univision reports a local horseman, Felix Pe├àΓÇ₧a, was killed after he was run over by one of his own horses during Monday’s race. NBC also claims that there is a video of the extremely tragic and disturbing incident that people have posted online.

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The horse race was one of the party’s biggest events and a reason several people wanted to attend in the first place — because there was a prize of 10,000 pesos (about $485).

The race was canceled following the accident.

Shortly after the commotion died down, the Mexican band Jérez performed and Rubi and her father took center stage to dance the waltz.

Though the party was bigger than expected, the Garcias did get to have a more intimate moment earlier in the day as an exclusive mass for family and close friends was held at the Iglesia de Guadalupe.

As the party continued though, Univision reports that there were several moments of tension as press tried to crowd the girl, which frustrated her family.

What’s even CRAZIER is the massive party reportedly rolled on until 4 a.m. EST on Tuesday!

We’re sure there will be more insane stories pop up from this MASSIVE event, so stay tuned while we wait to hear about what went down

[Image via Facebook.]

Dec 27, 2016 11:00am PDT

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