Tom Arnold Says He Can No Longer Produce Those Donald Trump N-Word Tapes — But ‘Watergate Level’ Journalists Are On The Case!

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This is the Hollywood Pedophile case all over again!

Donald Trump found an unlikely whistle-blower in Tom Arnold last week when the comedian claimed he had footage of the President-elect making derogatory remarks on-camera.

Unfortunately, it looks like Billy Bush is going to be the only person punished for Trump’s temper once again, because according to Tom… those tapes are long gone!

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As you may already know, the True Lies actor accused the racist Republican of using slurs such as the n-word, the r-word, and the c-word in a viral video seen by dozens of other celebs ahead of the November 8 election — you know, back when the idea of Trump winning was still a joke.

However, after some poking and prodding from fellow actor Michael Rapaport on Monday, the True Lies actor took to Twitter to explain that the recordings were inaccessible thanks to an expired password.

With that said… Tom is confident the video WILL eventually see the light of day thanks to some “Watergate level journalists”!!

Plus, he even says he has the names of seven Hollywood heavyweights protecting Trump as we speak/type!

Ch-ch-check out Tom’s entire Twitter explanation (below)!!!

Wait. There’s more?!?!

While we’re a little annoyed Tom would bring this up (again) only to stay mostly silent on the topic — we understand he can’t realistically take the legal risk on his own.

So until we hear more… who do U think the seven secret Trump admirers are??

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Dec 27, 2016 6:14pm PDT

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