America’s Most Admired Man In 2016 Came Down To Obama Vs. Trump — Guess Who Won!

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Barack Obama is pretty admirable guy.

But depending on who you ask, so is Donald Trump

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The President and the President-elect are the most admired men of 2016, according to survey from Gallup that asked Americans to “name the man, living anywhere in the world, whom they admire most.”

But who is the MOST admired??

In this year’s open ended survey poll, taken from December 7-11, 22% of respondents said they most admired President Obama — while 15% named Trump.

Obama has topped the poll for the past nine years, but this year’s data resulted in his narrowest victory yet! We guess that settles the popularity contest between the two. (Though we have a feeling Trump would play the “RIGGED!” card here…)

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As for females, Hillary Clinton was crowned most admired woman for her 15th consecutive year — and a record 21st year overall!

HRC had 12% of respondents naming her, and was followed by Michelle Obama with 8%. No surprise there!

Ch-ch-check out the rest of the top 5 most admired men AND women (below)!

Most Admired Men of 2016
Barack Obama, 22%
Donald Trump, 15%
Pope Francis, 4%
Bernie Sanders, 2%
Rev. Billy Graham, 1%

Most Admired Women of 2016
Hillary Clinton, 12%
Michelle Obama, 8%
Angela Merkel, 3%
Oprah Winfrey, 3%
Ellen DeGeneres, 2%

Are YOUR most admired man and woman on this list?

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Dec 28, 2016 6:35pm PDT

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