8-Year-Old Boy Kicked Out Of Cub Scouts Because He’s Transgender!

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One step forward, two steps back.

As you may be aware, it’s been over three years since the Boy Scouts of America finally started allowing openly gay children in their group — and about a year and a half since they extended that invitation to adult Den Leaders as well.

Unfortunately, it still looks like we’re years away from getting true equality in the controversial organization… because an 8-year-old boy was just kicked out of Cub Scouts for being transgender!

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Joe Maldonado first joined Pack 87 in Secaucus, New Jersey back in October, but was almost immediately asked to leave due to his gender identity just a month later in November.

According to momma Kristie Maldonado, though, it wasn’t other kids who were concerned with his appearance — Joe has been living as a boy for over a year now — it was their parents.

But to make things even worse, Scouts spokesperson Effie Delimarkos actually defended their decision to discriminate against the child in a statement, saying:

“No youth may be removed from any of our programs on the basis of his or her sexual orientation… Gender identity isn’t related to sexual orientation.”

So those kids can go kick rocks, we guess?

But before you go blaming this 8-year-old for having a supportive family who’s allowing him to live his truth, you can also get kicked out for being Atheist or Agnostic… so there’s clearly a lot wrong with this supposed character-building club.

At least the Girl Scouts are tolerant of MTF members!

Ch-ch-check out Joe and Kristie’s story in their own words (below)!!!

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Dec 28, 2016 11:19am PDT

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