Steve Martin Deleted His Carrie Fisher Memorial Tweet After Online Backlash — See What He Wrote For Yourself!

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We’re all for social justice… but this is a bit much.

Whether you live in America or a galaxy far, far away, chances are you’ve heard the news Carrie Fisher passed away at age 60 on Tuesday following her mid-flight cardiac arrest over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the already devastating news got even more heartbreaking on Wednesday when Carrie’s mom Debbie Reynolds died from a stroke.

But some people seemed to take out their frustration over Carrie’s passing on one of her most famous mourners: Steve Martin.

Photo: Debbie, Carrie, & All The Other Stars We Lost In 2016

As you may have seen, Steve was one of dozens of celebs who took to Twitter to honor the iconic actress after her sudden passing.

However, the comedian’s tribute to Carrie was overshadowed by people calling his tweet sexist. In fact, the Roxanne actor was hit so hard, he actually deleted the post entirely on Thursday!

Ch-ch-check out Steve’s “sexist” tweet for yourself (below)!!!

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THAT was the tweet people found offensive??

Apparently. Someone even wrote an article decrying Martin’s tribute as reducing the Star Wars star to “a wet dream for prepubescent men.”

Wow. It’s like they didn’t even bother to read the full 140 characters to get to the part where he said she was “witty and bright.”

If he really had been just boiling down her accomplishments to looking good in a gold bikini, that obviously would be an awful sentiment, worthy of reproach.

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But this was someone who knew her personally, intimately in fact — Carrie once revealed they had slept together during the Star Wars days — briefly describing his evolving feelings for the one-of-a-kind talent.

Thankfully, many came to Martin’s defense:

We wish those who made Steve feel the need to delete his tribute had stopped to consider the man actually knew Carrie and her sense of humor.

Did U find Steve Martin’s Carrie Fisher tribute sexist??

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Dec 29, 2016 1:00pm PDT

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