Charlie Sheen Doubles Down On His Donald Trump Death Wish: ‘I Was Talking To God, Not You’

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This is how 2016 would end…

We’re not really sure how we came to this, but the star of what was once TV’s No. 1 comedy is currently picking fights with the President-elect of the United States on Twitter.

Seems about right.

Play: Who Said It? Charlie Sheen Or Donald Trump???

In case you missed it, Charlie Sheen responded to the shocking, recent deaths of George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds with a rather controversial tweet on Wednesday…

Wishing for the death of Donald Trump!!!

The Two and a Half Men star managed to upset a few Trump supporters — or people who are just opposed to morbid humor, who knows? — who promptly called him out.

Even his TV mom Holland Taylor got involved!

So how did Charlie handle his haters?

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If you guessed he backed down, you wouldn’t be winning that bet!!

Classic Charlie.

Do U think people are blowing Charlie’s tweet out of proportion? Or should he be held responsible for his irresponsible Twitter etiquette??

We can’t wait to see how Donald Trump responds (because you know that’s coming)!

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Dec 29, 2016 5:44pm PDT

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