Netflix Sends Out Cryptic Gilmore Girls Tweet — Are They Trolling Fans? Or Are More Episodes Coming??

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You’re killing us, Netflix!!

On Wednesday, the streaming giant set Gilmore Girls fans into a frenzy after it tweeted a message suggesting there might be another revival in the works.

Sound the alarm, Stars Hollow!

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While the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has been vague about the possibility of bringing back the beloved series once again, a cryptic tweet about the show’s cliffhanger ending definitely has fans hopeful.


For those who’ve already tuned into the revival, Rory uttered those SHOCKING final four words confirming that she was pregnant before everything cut to black.

Considering the aspiring author had multiple partners (including a man dressed up as a Wookiee) prior to conception, the ending left us wondering who the father is. Many fans expressed frustration and annoyance as to not knowing more info on the pregnancy.

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Well, it looks like Netflix is capitalizing on the rampant speculation over the baby daddy… check out their trolling tweet (below)!

AHH!!!! This tweet is crazy — especially since they’re mimicking April’s paternity search earlier in the series.

Take a look at some of the fan responses to the madness (below)!

Ha! Gilmore Girls devotees are definitely a passionate bunch…

So, what do YOU think of this tweet?

[Image via Netflix.]

Dec 29, 2016 5:21pm PDT

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