Simon & Schuster Sparks Massive Outrage After It’s Revealed Trump Troll Scored A $250K Book Deal

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Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe this situation!

On Thursday, publishing house Simon & Schuster caused an uproar after it was revealed Trump troll Milo Yiannopoulos landed a $250K deal with the company.

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For those who have no idea who this is, he’s the same guy who relentlessly trolled Leslie Jones with racist epithets and other derogatory terms until she suffered a public breakdown. After his campaign gained traction, Twitter FINALLY took action and deleted his account.

Prior to the deletion, Milo (who in a bizarre twist is gay) would regularly attack members of the LGBT community, people of color, and pro-Hillary Clinton supporters. Yiannopoulous’ sick behavior makes sense considering he’s an editor at the Steve Bannon led Breitbart News Network — the rightest sanctuary that appears to pride itself on being a haven for those revel in hate speech.

Unfortunately, Simon & Schuster decided they’d rather take a chance on sizable profits opposed to human decency by providing Milo with a mainstream platform to spew his hate.

According to Yiannopoulous, his book titled Dangerous will be available for purchase in March.

Check out the troll’s announcement (below):

While there are other gloaty, inaccurate, and inflammatory musings from Milo regarding the deal, it doesn’t seem reasonable to give him any more attention.

Instead, here are some reactions to the gross news and examples of Milo’s hate (below):

Yuck, what a disappointing situation.

So, will YOU be boycotting the publishing house?

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Dec 29, 2016 7:47pm PDT

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