Bristol Palin Says Elton John, Aretha Franklin, & 9 Other Artists Are All ‘Sissies’ For Skipping Trump’s Inauguration…

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She can see sissies from her house!

Bristol Palin‘s biggest claim to fame — apart from her mother’s name — is her time spent on Dancing with the Stars… which technically makes her qualified to speak for fellow reality TV villain Donald Trump, to some degree.

Man, political punditry has gone downhill… and it started so low to begin with…

As you’re surely aware by now, the current President-elect/former Celebrity Apprentice host is just three weeks away from being sworn into office, and yet he STILL doesn’t have any A-Listers scheduled to perform for his inauguration!

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Sure, Jackie Evancho, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and at least some of The Rockettes will be there on January 20… but we’re more intrigued by who’s NOT going. And so is Bristol, apparently.

In fact, the 26-year-old mother-of-two just called ELEVEN different artists who’ve publicly declined Trump’s invitation “Sissies” in a blog post on Wednesday!!

That’s right — Elton John, C├â┬⌐line Dion, Aretha Franklin, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, KISS, The Chainsmokers, Justin Timberlake, Andrea Bocelli, Garth Brooks, and even David Foster are all sissies now, at least according to Sarah Palin‘s perfect angel.

Ch-ch-check out what Bristol had to say about all 11 of Hollywood’s biggest sissies (below)!!!

On Elton:

“The Pinball Wizard himself, Sir Elton John, quickly shot down any chance he would ever perform for President Trump. In his explanation to The Guardian, Elton delivered a jab at American country music, too, which is surprising considering he stole all their rhinestone outfits.”

On Céline:

“It was rumored that French-Canadian superstar Celine Dion would bring her gold-plated pipes to Washington D.C. in January. Las Vegas hotel mogul and friend of Trump Steve Wynn was initially alleged to be the one who promised Celine’s appearance, but that turned out not to be true. Instead, she will be performing in her ongoing show at Caesars Palace.”

On Andrea:

“One artist who initially agreed to perform but later backed out was famed Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Trump is a huge fan and asked the opera singer to perform after attending one of his recent concerts at Madison Square Garden. However, as the news spread, Bocelli began receiving backlash and that forced him out. Sources say Trump encouraged him to back out so he wouldn’t lose fans.”

On The Chainsmokers:

“Don’t worry; I’ve never heard of them either, but this DJ duo isn’t performing at the inauguration even though they joked about it on Twitter.”

On Garth:

“Apparently, Elton was wrong. Not every country superstar is willing to sing for Trump. Garth Brooks seemed like a shoe-in but eventually backed out. However, Brooks and his wife, fellow country legend Trisha Yearwood, had no problem singing for President [Barack] Obama at this year’s Christmas tree lighting celebration.

On Justin, Bruno, Katy, and Aretha:

“No surprises here. These four mega-stars were apparently offered ambassadorships as a way to entice them to the inauguration, but even that wasn’t enough to lure them in. Trump’s team has denied those accusations, but it doesn’t matter at this point.”

On David:

“Though he’s not necessarily a household name, the artists David Foster has worked with, including some on this list, are. Foster is a legendary producer, pianist, and songwriter, but none of that talent will be on the stage in D.C. It was rumored that Foster was going to organize the whole thing, but he said that’s not the case.”


“KISS is an American staple and perhaps the most surprising not to perform. Trump has always had a larger-than-life persona and paired with KISS’ explosive stage show would’ve been a match made in heaven. Plus, frontman Gene Simmons has been very vocal recently about celebrities whining too much about Trump’s election… [But] his wife and daughter have a little more say in the matter than he does.”

Well then. Someone’s clearly bitter.

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Although, we seem to remember Bristol vowing to support celibacy, and that clearly didn’t work out… so who is she to judge other people for saying ‘No’ to the orange tyrant?!

Who do U think will be Trump’s biggest get come January 20??

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Dec 30, 2016 3:16pm PDT

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