Couple Arrested After Airplane Brawl Causes Entire Flight To Turn Around — See The Viral Video!

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Remember when your parents used to threaten to turn the car around? Well, these pilots must be used to misbehaving kids…

On Wednesday night, Delta Airlines pilots had to turn their flight around and return to the airport after a couple in their mid-30s got too aggressive!

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The flight from Minneapolis to Southern California was going fine until Blake Fleisig and Anna Koosmann caused a commotion after not listening to the rules!

Delta spokesperson Ashton Morrow said the couple “became aggressive and created a disruption in the cabin,” though they did not go into details about exactly what caused the incident.

However, another passenger, Patrick Whalen, spoke with the Star Tribute and said that Koosmann had been attempting to use the bathroom, despite flight attendants telling her to sit down. One of the pilots even reportedly told her:

“If you don’t sit down, we’re going to turn this flight around.”

The captain proved good on his word and made a u-turn to head back to the Twin Cities.

Once the airplane had safely landed, several police officers boarded the plane to escort the couple away. Just when things started to die down, Whalen says that’s when Fleisig “punche[d] one of the passengers,” and police took him to the floor.

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The rambunctious scene didn’t stop there. In Whalen’s footage of the incident, a woman, possibly Anna, can be heard screaming, “Shut up” and a passenger states:

“Her boyfriend attacked somebody back there.”

As police lead the two off the plane, several passengers cheer and police can be heard saying, “You’re already going to jail” as Anna responds “For what? For what?”

To answer Koosman’s question, she is currently facing a charge of disorderly conduct; Blake landed himself the same charge for “brawling or fighting.”

The couple’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, released a statement to The Washington Post, saying:

“We deny the charges. This was a misunderstanding and we will answer the allegations in court.”

Don’t take our word for it though…

Ch-ch-check out the viral video of the arrest (below)!

[Image via Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport police.]

Dec 30, 2016 4:12pm PDT

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