Fake Twitter Accounts Suspended After Spreading Queen Elizabeth Death Hoax Following The Monarch’s ‘Heavy Cold’!

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Twitter save the Queen!

After yet another excruciating week of loss in a painful year of celebrity deaths, many fear that 2016 still hasn’t finished taking cultural icons away from us.

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That familiar panic flooded the interwebs after at least two fake BBC accounts spread a false claim that Queen Elizabeth II had died on Thursday.

The death hoax ignited a social media wildfire of dread after multiple accounts, including two with the Twitter handles @BBCNewsUKI and @BBCNewsUKk, posted the following message:

“BREAKING: Buckingham Palace announces the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 90. Circumstances are unknown. More to follow soon.”

A number of reporters — and even the French ambassador to the U.S., G├â┬⌐rard Araud — retweeted the message before realizing it was a hoax.

The false claims came less than a week after Buckingham Palace revealed that the 90-year-old royal was unable to attend the annual Christmas morning service at her Sandringham estate church as she was recovering from a “heavy cold.”

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It was the first time in 30 years that the Queen didn’t attend the service, though a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said the monarch would “participate in the royal family Christmas celebrations during the day.”

While the Palace declined to comment on the rumors on Thursday, the fake BBC accounts that tweeted the false death news have since been suspended.

We wish the Queen a speedy recovery from her cold — her majesty is too tough to let 2016 take her down with it!

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Dec 30, 2016 8:56am PDT

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