Carrie Fisher’s Family Reportedly Eager To Thank United Passengers Who ‘Worked Like Crazy’ To Try & Save The Late Actress

carrie fisher family united volunteers

Carrie Fisher‘s family may be grieving, but they’re more than ready to thank the off-duty emergency workers who came to the Star Wars actress’ aid while she suffered from heart failure amid a United flight from London to Los Angeles.

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According to TMZ, Miz Fisher’s loved ones are eager to thank the two medical professionals who came forward to help the late humorist in her time of need. Reportedly, flight attendants called for help over the jet’s P.A. system as Carrie’s heart stopped. So scary!

However, without hesitation, two unnamed professionals stepped up and “worked like crazy” to assist Fisher. It’s said the two volunteers, one of whom was a nurse, didn’t stop caring for the late film icon even though they couldn’t get a pulse for more than ten minutes. In fact, sources claim the family credits the volunteers for giving them enough time to say their goodbyes to the When Harry Met Sally star. Awwww.

Apparently, the family has plans to contact the airline so they can locate the heroic passengers. We have a feeling these medical professionals will be honored to hear from the Fisher family. We know we would be!

As always, our thoughts are with those who continue to mourn Carrie after her untimely passing.

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

Jan 3, 2017 12:45pm PST

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