Hot Topic Employee Shares HIGHlarious Video Of Conversation With Customer Who Is Apparently An ‘Eternal Dragon Of Time’ — MUST WATCH!

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Thank goodness he thought to turn on his phone!

A Hot Topic employee is an Internet hero today after capturing the most amazing conversation with a customer.

According to the clerk, identified only as Jeremy, the man dressed in black (that narrows it down at Hot Topic) was buying camouflage for his aunt’s funeral when he struck up a convo.

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That’s when things got CRAY. Throughout the viral video, the man drops esoteric hints about his supernatural heritage, saying things like:

“They even told me my scales are turning gold as my father’s were. My father was a piece of creation itself. He was a protector of God himself.”

To which the clerk replies:

“Well, that’s good then.”

We are dying!!! Then the big reveal… The customer explains (and we use that term loosely):

“I am the Sovereign of Power and I’m going to become what my father was before my birth: Eternal Guardian Dragon of Time.”

To which the cashier can only respond:

“Oh wow!”

OMG we LOVE this so much!

Watch the convo go down (below)!

OMG, these responses should totally be on a T-shirt!

If only Jeremy had some in at a retailer that specialized in viral content-based apparel…

Jan 3, 2017 1:44pm PST

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