Mariah Carey Talks Being ‘Mortified’ By NYE Performance — And How Her ‘True Fans’ Are Reacting!

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Mariah Carey is feeling all kinds of Emotions after ending 2016 with arguably the worst performance of her career.

The singer has kept relatively quiet following her performance fail during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest — leaving it to her management team to come up countless excuses for the live mishap.

In the following day, Carey’s team blamed the issues on a lack of sound check, a failed ear microphone, and even Dick Clark Productions for sabotaging her performance.

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Now, Mimi herself is speaking out about the incident — revealing just how “mortified” she was after walking off stage!

In a new interview, the Elusive Chanteuse lightly echoed her team’s claims that Dick Clark Productions was at fault for the performance fail — a dig she skillfully disguised as a compliment to the late TV legend.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said of the New Year’s Eve show:

“All I can say is Dick Clark was an incredible person and I was lucky enough to work with him when I first started in the music business. I’m of the opinion that Dick Clark would not have let an artist go through that and he would have been as mortified as I was in real time.”

While the incident won’t prevent the 46-year-old from doing a live event in the future, it will make her “less trusting of using anyone outside of my own team.”

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And although most of the Internet has relentlessly roasted the diva for the lip-synched and disoriented performance, Mariah says her “true fans” have been nothing but supportive! She added:

“My true fans have been so supportive and I am so appreciative of them and everybody in the media that came out to support me after the fact because it really was an incredible holiday season that turned into a horrible New Year’s Eve.”

Before her “horrible” NYE, the songstress has no doubt had a great past few months — she has a new beau and is totally in “love”… with her new docu-series Mariah’s World!

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As for what she hopes her fans take away from her reality show, she said:

“I hope that fans love it as much as I do and are having a good time watching it. And that they can see that we really went there and gave them a candid look into Mariah’s World. We held nothing back.”

If only Mariah’s World explained what actually went down in Times Square!

Maybe we’ll see behind the curtain in season two?

[Image via NBC.]

Jan 3, 2017 5:51pm PDT

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