American Idol‘s Bo Bice Claims He Was Racially Targeted By Popeye’s Employee Who Called Him ‘White Boy’ — And Twitter Has Some Strong Opinions!

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Well, this is inneresting

On Tuesday, American Idol alum Bo Bice got emotional when telling Fox 5 News about a racially charged incident he recently experienced at a Popeyes in an Atlanta, Georgia airport.

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According to Bo, the controversy started when a female employee referred to him as a “white boy” when giving him his food. Apparently this bothered Bice so much he felt the need to tell his story to a local news station.

The singer recalled:

“The three ladies behind the counter asked whose food it was. Just when I turned around, one of them said ├óΓé¼╦£that white boy.'”

After Bo complained to Popeye’s corporate headquarters and received no response, he decided his only course of action was to take to social media and TV.

Per the Alabama native, he’s NOT a racist or “bigot.” All Bice wants is an apology for the “insensitive” comment and supposed double standards white people have to allegedly endure.

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Well, given all the rampant racism against African-Americans recently, you’d think Bo would be able to ignore such a relatively benign descriptor. But instead he compared being called “white boy” to a racial epithet, reasoning:

“If tables had been turned and I used something as insensitive like that… I would be boycotted, people wouldn’t buy my albums. It’s time for us to wake up and start having some dialogue. It’s not 1960, it’s 2017 and we are all adults here.”

Shouldn’t “adults” be able to see the contrast between this and the much, much worse things going on out there?

Sure, you can be discriminated against no matter the color of your skin — but in this case, we think Bo is being a BIT overdramatic.

Check out the entertainer’s full interview (below)!

Well, there you have it.

Following the interview, Popeyes parent company Mack II Inc. released the following statement:

“Mack II Inc. is very sorry that the incident occurred and for any pain or embarrassment that Mr. Bice experienced. The company does not condone the behavior of one of our associates and we took corrective action as soon as we were made aware of the incident. Also, we will require re-training of our associates to ensure this isolated incident does not occur again. In addition, Mr. Bice has been issued an apology by the General Manager. We value all of our customers regardless of race, religion, age, disability, gender, etc.”

We guess they agreed with Bo that the remark was too insensitive to let go.

Twitter, on the other hand, had an absolute field day over Bo’s experience with “racism” — check out the harsh responses (below)!

What do YOU think??

[Image via FOX 5 DC.]

Jan 4, 2017 2:54pm PDT

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