Donald Trump’s Big Apple Inaugural Ball Sounds Just As Cheesy As You Would Imagine

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Here we go…

We all know Donald Trump can’t really throw a good party, seeing as how he’s had SO much trouble trying to land a single A-lister for his inauguration.

But don’t worry, it sounds like his inaugural ball is going to suck just as much!

Sources have recently reached out to TMZ to reveal some deets regarding Trump’s series of inaugural balls he’s planning to host — and one of them is going to be New York City-themed, because of course it is…

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We’re sure you also won’t be surprised to learn the party will include the MOST stereotypical crap ever as the Big Apple Ball, as he’s dubbed it, will be decorated with every popular NYC landmark — we’re talking cutouts of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty… you get the point.

In fact, the source even said:

“Every clich├â┬⌐ that is New York will be front and center.”

You know, just like Donald represents every cliché that is douchebaggery and scumminess. HA!

If that’s not cheesy enough, Donald plans on using a line from a Frank Sinatra‘s New York, New York, as the central theme:

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”


The good news is, it sounds like an AWFUL party, and we can’t imagine he’ll land any big name talent. And by “big name,” we mean people who weren’t runner-ups on a reality show or acts from literal decades ago

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Sources close to Trump’s team also opened up about the future POTUS’s commuting plans. As you know, the p*ssy grabbing troll‘s wife, Melania Trump, plans to live in NYC in Trump Tower with their little one, Barron.

Apparently, Donald’s commute is going to be INSANELY quick, as the insider revealed:

“He can leave the Oval, drive to National [Airport], fly to LaGuardia, drive to Trump Tower and take the elevator to his penthouse in an hour.”

An hour?!

The sources went on to add that the 70-year-old isn’t just flying back and forth because Melania and Barron will be there… it’s because Trump Tower and New York still feel like home.

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While the travel time is great knowing the President-elect will be able to get back to Washington D.C. quickly, the fact that his family is staying in New York is VERY troubling! Because after all the extra security measures that have to be put in place, Trump’s fam will be costing the city about $1 MILLION a day!

While the city will likely be reimbursed some of that money, the living situation is still unprecedented and taxpayers will basically be making up the rest of the cost. So yay.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s AWFUL sounding party and commuting plans??

[Image via CBS.]

Jan 5, 2017 10:34am PDT

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