Justin Bieber’s Lawyers Attempt To Cap Damage Award At $25K In Egging Lawsuit — But The ‘Terrorized’ Neighbor Isn’t Having It!

justin bieber egging lawsuit update

Justin Bieber is REALLY trying to avoid shelling out more money to his egging victims.

As you may recall, the Sorry singer was forced to pay his neighbor Jeff Schwartz $90,000 for the damage done to his Calabasas home after he egged it in 2014. Despite the Canadian-born artist pleading no contest to vandalism and writing Schwartz a big check, the A-lister isn’t quite done with this legal drama.

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Yup, back in October, Bieber’s neighbor made headlines once more when he sued JB for emotional distress. According to Schwartz’s camp, the auto-mogul had to deal with Justin egging his home, spitting on him, and verbally assaulting him. Obviously, the Baby performer’s legal team is trying everything in their power to avoid Jeff from walking away with MORE of their client’s money.

According to TMZ, Justin’s attorneys have asked the judge to limit the possible damage award to a total of $25,000. This has royally pissed off the terrorized neighbor as he claims in new documents that Bieber’s legal experts have secretly offered A LOT more than the sum listed (above) if he’d just settle.

So why hasn’t Jeff and his wife taken the money? Well, the complainant accused the pop star of using anti-Semitic language during the harassment. Tsk, tsk.

To make matters worse, Justin’s victims claim they’ve suffered from headaches, stomachaches, and sleepless nights because of this whole ordeal. In short: they think they deserve more than $25K.

It’ll be inneresting to see how this thing eventually plays out…

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Jan 5, 2017 3:21pm PDT

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