Disney Brainstorming Solutions To Keep Princess Leia Alive In Future Star Wars Films After Carrie Fisher’s Death

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May the force be with them.

The galaxy is still reeling over the loss of Carrie Fisher — especially since Leia Organa has unfinished business in the Star Wars universe.

In the wake of the actress’ death, Disney has been weighing different options for the future of Fisher’s beloved character, who was set to appear in both December’s Episode VIII and 2019’s Episode IX.

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Insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter that at least TWO key Leia scenes are planned for the upcoming installments of the space adventure.


These scenes apparently include a sibling reunion with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and a confrontation with her son Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), who infamously killed Harrison Ford‘s Han Solo in The Force Awakens.

Though it was reported the 60-year-old finished shooting her Episode VIII scenes prior to her December 27 death, insiders say Leia was to play an even BIGGER role in Episode IX — which likely won’t begin shooting until 2018.

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Unlike other cases where actors died during filming, it seems as though Lucasfilm and Disney actually have time to explore solutions before production begins.

Leia could be written out of Episode VIII and/or her scenes reshot, giving her a less significant story arc to complete in Episode IX — though we’d hate for that to be the end of her legacy.

Another option would be to use CGI effects and show Leia in a reduced role, much like how Lucasfilm resurrected late actor Peter Cushing to virtually reprise his role as Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One.

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Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Michael Fink says that while the technology is there to visually create a convincing Leia, getting a full performance is a different story. He explained:

“I have no doubt, given some of the recent work I’ve seen, there are filmmakers who will be willing to take up the challenge. So far, we have seen moments of success but not full performances. Should we create additional roles for Princess Leia? I don’t think so.”

Either way, it sounds like the studio’s Rebel Alliance has a daunting task of completing the trilogy with Leia while still honoring the late actress who played her.

Do U have any Star Wars solutions??

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Jan 5, 2017 6:23pm PST

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