Man Arrested For Shooting Women With A Syringe Full Of His SEMEN — Icky Details HERE!

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We don’t even know what to do with this insane story.

According to CBS News, a man named Timothy Blake was arrested for shooting semen at women in a Walmart.

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Per the report, multiple women revealed they encountered a “creepy” man at a Walmart in Ohio during the months of November and December. All the ladies claimed the perp would follow them around the store like prey while also staring them down.

To make matters even more terrifying, two of the women recalled experiencing shock and “panic” upon feeling something sticky hit their bodies when Timothy got close to them.

While the poor victims had no idea what the substance was at the time, police have now learned it was Timothy’s semen.

Though Blake initially tried to lie about the contents, he finally admitted to masturbating into the syringe before shooting victims with his sick concoction. Apparently this was the criminal’s way of having “sex” with his victims.

Mr. Blake then targeted women he believed “displayed exhibitionist characteristics and wanted to be noticed.”

Umm… yeah.

As of now, Timothy is currently in jail and is waiting to be arraigned. We’ll definitely keep you updated as we receive more info on this case.

[Image via Washington County Sheriff’s Office.]

Jan 5, 2017 6:36pm PDT

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