Donald Trump Slams Arnold Schwarzenegger After Celebrity Apprentice Premiere Ratings Dip — But The Terminator Claps Back Just As Hard!

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Not good! Very bad!

Those simple-minded words reflect how Donald Trump feels about the New Celebrity Apprentice — but it also sums up what Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks of his predecessor as a world leader.

After the NBC reality show premiered to less-than-bigly ratings, the President-elect waited several days before sharing his thoughts about it on Twitter.

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Early Friday morning, the President-elect sounded off on the business competition’s Monday night return, which saw Schwarzenegger taking over the boardroom reigns.

Ratings for The New Celebrity Apprentice significantly dipped from its previous edition two years ago, with the premiere episode losing nearly half its adults 18-49 demographic than when Trump was host in 2015.

Never one to shy away from gloating, Trump couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell the American people how his successor got “swamped” in the ratings, sharing:

How thorough! Yes, he used TWO descriptors to blast the ratings, just in case his supporters didn’t know what “swamped” means. (Hint: it’s how Trump would be feeling if he stopped tweeting about bullsh*t and focused on his job!)

We’re just curious how many people made sure NOT to tune in when they found out Trump was still an exec producer

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Meanwhile, Arnie proved he is not one to be pushed around; the former Governor returned the serve and reminded Donald he had much more important things to worry about, sharing on Twitter:

Who knew the action star was such an expert at throwing shade? That’s some machine precision right there…

Then again, sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire — or in cases with Trump, a golden flamethrower.

Do YOU think Trump will ever stop tweeting about The Apprentice?

[Image via CBS/NBC.]

Jan 6, 2017 12:15pm PDT

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