Kim Kardashian Has Changed ‘For The Better’ Since Being Robbed At Gunpoint In Paris

Kim Kardashian

As for most of the world, 2016 was pretty sh*tty for Kim Kardashian West.

Between being robbed in Paris and her husband Kanye West‘s own mental health issues, we can understand why the KUWTK star needed to take a three-month hiatus before returning to the spotlight.

According to sources close to the 36-year-old, Kimmy Kakes has changed “for the better” after taking time to decompress, and is now ready to “tackle more work” at a slower pace.

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An insider tells People:

“Taking time off after the robbery has really changed Kim. And for the better. She initially was just too shocked and traumatized to deal with anything but her kids.”


“As time went on, she realized that she actually loved her slower life. She feels very grateful that she has been able to spend the past few months just focusing on her kids. Kim thinks they are growing too fast and she has enjoyed spending more quiet time with them.”

As we know, the mother-of-two has made her return to social media, and she’s set to make her first public appearance at celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic‘s Master Class in Dubai on January 13:

“She does seem ready now though to tackle more work. She will still be on a much slower schedule than before the robbery. She is carefully choosing work events and projects that she wants to focus on for the next few months. Her mindset seems very different. She acts more relaxed when it comes to work. She will definitely not go back to overloading her schedule again any time soon. She seems to have find a much better life balance. And it seems to make her much happier.”

Slow and steady wins the race!

As for the TV personality’s much more laid-back style and approach, a second source continues:

“Kim is starting to act more relaxed about public outings. She still uses a bodyguard every day, but isn’t hiding. She lets herself be photographed. She seems more comfortable. She acted much more nervous right after the robbery. Her style has also changed. She dresses much more casually, wears less jewelry and makeup too. She looks great. Her new style really suits her.”

While we’re sure KKW is taking her time, we have a feeling a big comeback is on the way… stay tuned.

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Jan 6, 2017 11:58am PST

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