Ray J Calls Kim Kardashian A ‘Cheater’ While Discussing Their Past Romance On Celebrity Big Brother: ‘We Were Both Players’

kim cheated on ray j

Ray J knows how to drop some SERIOUS truth bombs.

It took only 24 hours into his stint on Celebrity Big Brother for the Sexy Can I singer to start dishing about his past relationship with Kim Kardashian West. During a candid chat with housemate Stacy Francis, the 35-year-old accused the KUWTK star of cheating on him as she too was a total “player”. Oh, danggggg.

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Miz Francis, who is pals with J’s sister Brandy, attempted to defend Keeks after Ray made claims that the reality TV personality wasn’t heartbroken over their split because they were the “same kind of player”. Apparently, while the X Factor alum was staying at the Moesha star’s house, she witnessed Kimmie being all kinds of dotting towards the hitmaker as she styled his clothes. Awww.

Francis added:

“She was really into you, really in love with you.”

However, Princess Love‘s husband didn’t believe that to be true, as he clapped back:

“Nah, but she was a player though.”

Someone call, Kris Jenner! She’s gonna want to get a jump on this mess. But all of the Kardashian talk didn’t stop there as the 47-year-old housemate continued to defend the A-lister. Stacy shared:

“She was not a player, she was crying her eyes out for you.”

Looks like someone is on #TeamKim. Of course, Ray J was NOT willing to back down as he explained:

“You don’t really know what happened though. Put it like this, we were both players. We were both cheaters.”

Mic drop. As you may recall, Kim first met Ray when she was styling for his big sister. The twosome went on to date on-and-off for several years between 2003 and 2006. The former flames eventually made headlines when their (now infamous) sex tape was released by Vivid Entertainment.

It’s been years, but the industry vet can’t stop talking about this outdated scandal. Perhaps that is why Ray appears to be so hard on his ex? After Stacy recalled how “heartbroken” Kim was over the musician, Ray informed his CBB costar that she didn’t know the whole story about his and Mrs. West’s relationship.

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He concluded:

“Every relationship I was in, I loved the girl. It’s just the moral values and standards was off. I was loving and lying.”

Oof. Well it’s a good thing Ray J hasn’t really “crossed paths” with the E! queen. Although, Ray says he HAS seen Kim’s momager and sisters at basketball games in the past. Awkward.

It’ll be inneresting to see if any of the Kardashian-Jenners comment on these truth bombs. Especially since Kim’s bff Jonathan Cheban is no longer slated to appear on the U.K. show

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Jan 6, 2017 7:45am PST

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