Chris Brown Booted From NYC Gym After Altercation With Manager During A Basketball Game — Oops!

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It just seems like Chris Brown stays in the news… for all the wrong reasons.

The performer and his crew were on a basketball court in a New York City gym, according to TMZ, when he got into some type of altercation with a gym member and was booted from the court!!

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Word has it Chris and his buddies were on the court playing loud music and shooting around — allegedly “hurling insults and swear words” at each other — when the customer complained about the noise and disturbance.

A manager walked over to Chris’ group and asked that they tone it down a bit, and the star allegedly went OFF — swearing, screaming, the whole nine yards! What the what?!?!

The manager was not feeling it, and booted Chris from the gym, a Life Time Athletic facility in the city.

On the way out the door, as a special little kicker, Chris allegedly spit on the door, as well! Ugh!!!

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No word from Chris’ crew about the incident so far, but if the alleged altercation went down as it’s been suggested… ooof.

Even when it’s a minor dust-up, it seems like a bad move.

Come on, man!!!

[Image via Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

Jan 7, 2017 11:58am PST

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