Drake Is ‘Completely Falling’ For Jennifer Lopez — But Does She Feel The Same Way About Him?!

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These two are the hottest and newest celeb couple on the market… but are they in it for the same reasons?!

Drake is apparently head-over-heels falling for Jennifer Lopez, but if you read between the lines on recent quotes from sources ‘close’ to the new couple, well, she may not be feelin’ him in quite the same way!

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Here — just yesterday, a source close to Drake revealed to E! News some pretty serious feelings from the Canadian superstar towards his sexy Latina partner (below):

“[Drake is] completely falling for J.Lo. He has always had a crush on her growing up, so the fact that this is all coming to life is pretty cool for him. He really likes her though.”

And the insider continued with more info, too:

“They laugh and get along perfectly. The age gap is not an issue for him, because he digs an older woman. J.Lo has always been into younger men, so it’s a good combo.”

That’s nice!

That also makes Drake sound like he’s falling pretty hard for Ms. Lopez, and another quote from that same source goes even a step further in hypothesizing about a full-on future relationship between the two:

“[They are] taking things as slow as they could, but a relationship may be in the works between them. He treats her like a queen and loves her work ethic and family values. This is the first girl besides Rihanna in a while that he is really into. Drake is looking for a relationship and something solid.”


Those are not insignificant quotes!

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Or… are they?!

After all, a few days back, a source close to Lopez suggested something far different in her pursuit of the former Degrassi star, keying in on the ‘fun’ aspect and playing down the more serious ‘relationship’ cards in the fold by revealing the dreaded “she’s just having fun” line.


Obviously, J.Lo’s crew could be intentionally playing down the seriousness of the relationship to the press for any number of reasons, and she could be really into him — it sure seems like it’s been that way at times before!

But there’s no question Drake is REALLY feeling her… let’s just hope they are on the same page!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Are Drake and J.Lo going to be the big ride-or-die celeb couple of 2017??

Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Drake/Instagram.]

Jan 7, 2017 1:40pm PDT

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