Golden Globes 2017: Producers Scrambling To Prep Red Carpet That Will Take Place During ‘Once-In-A-Decade’ Rainstorm In Los Angeles!

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This can’t be good.

The Golden Globes are going down tomorrow and it won’t be without fanfare, thanks to Mother Nature — a “once-in-a-decade” rain storm, as meteorologists are ominously calling it, is all set to hit El Lay on Sunday!

…And yes, it’s already SERIOUSLY affecting preparations for the red carpet at the award show!

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Organizers and producers were already planning on significantly heightened security for the red carpet and show, and now, they’ll have to contend with a LOT of really wet weather; it’s been raining for much of the week in Los Angeles, and Sunday appears to be set for a big-time storm.

Sure, “once-in-a-decade” rain means something different in always-sunny El Lay than it does, well, most anywhere else. But it’s still going to be wet, wild, slippery, and very difficult for producers to put on the type of red carpet pre-show they want!!

A rep for the event is already playing up the fact that they are tenting the red carpet, and not taking any chances with the storm.

Meteorologists are planning on a TON of rain to hit northern California on Saturday and Sunday, with quite a bit of evening rain expected for SoCal — and El Lay — as well, especially in the afternoon and evening.

Furthermore, Sandy Murphy — the general manger of the Beverly Hilton where the Golden Globes wlll take place — is adamant they are re-working past transportation issues to ensure that everything is taken care of and done properly,even in the wet weather:

“We have been working with all concerned parties throughout the past year to develop a transportation plan that will allow the guests attending the events surrounding the Golden Globes to be transported in a timely manner, while still maintaining the safety and security of our guests.”

Well there you have it!

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Rain, rain, go away!

Or at least, if you must drop down on El Lay on Sunday, don’t ruin any of those gorgeous red carpet dresses we all can’t wait to see!!

Jan 7, 2017 3:44pm PDT

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