‘Listen, Guys, They Foiled Me’ — Mariah Carey Explains Away Her Disastrous NYE Performance In Biting Audio Clip! Hear It HERE!

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To foil — as in, to prevent from succeeding.

That’s the very specific word Mariah Carey chose to use in a newly-released audio clip on her Twitter account Sunday morning explaining exactly what happened during that absurdly bad New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square last week!

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In the clip — not even two full minutes long — Carey takes a stand directly to her fans and followers and discusses a bit about what happened in NYC that fateful, final night of 2016, and she doesn’t hold back at all!!

Calling out producers and those around her (although not anyone by name… yet…) Carey attempts to straighten the record on her bad show.

Ch-ch-check out the entire clip (below)!!!

Wow. And, just as telling, she tweeted it with a very specific hashtag: #TheFoilers.

See that here:

In her own words, indeed.

Who knows what may come next, or what else she may say about it, but to be foiled, as Carey alleges… that’s certainly a very biting, specific takedown of the production around her.


[Image via ABC.]

Jan 8, 2017 3:54pm PDT

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