Khloé Kardashian Reveals What She Does To Get Sexy Abs!

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Khloé Kardashian is the queen of fitness advice!

Judging from her sexy pics on Instagram, the KUWTK star loves to show off her athletic bod. But how does she achieve such amazing results??

Recently, the tall diva wrote an article on her app about the one piece of gym equipment she can’t live without!

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The 32-year-old wrote:

“The gym equipment I NEED in my life is ….. a jump rope!!”

According to the reality TV personality, jumping rope works out SEVERAL body parts, including the abs!

“It works your entire body because it incorporates cardio and arms and abs. I don’t think people get how hard it is to jump rope for even like 5 minutes straight. It’s great that all it takes is 5 f*cking minutes and you’re drenched. Now that’s an awesome workout!”

During the exercise, be prepared to WORK HARD!

“To warm up, I normally jump for 5 minutes straight. Then, after my first quarter, I jump for 4 minutes straight. I like to test myself and see if I can reach 800 jumps in 5 minutes. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but try it! If you can do that and it’s easy, either double it or amp it up to where you’re challenging yourself.”

No pain, no gain!

[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram.]

Jan 9, 2017 10:53pm PDT

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