New Report Claims Kim Kardashian’s Trusted Paris Chauffeur Has Been Arrested In Connection To The Robbery

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What a betrayal!

According to French paper Le Monde, Kim Kardashian West‘s longtime Paris chauffeur was arrested Monday morning for his involvement in the October robbery. The report confirms theories that the terrifying heist was an inside job all along.

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While it’s not exactly clear as to how the 27-year-old driver is involved, sources believe he gave inside information necessary to rob West.

Following the arrest of sixteen suspects, the reality star’s French legal rep told the paper his client is “very happy” and “very reassured” by the latest developments. It’s not too surprising considering authorities were unsure if they’d ever catch the devious and elusive perps.

On another disturbing note, one of the arrested criminals is reportedly 72-years-old and is mainly responsible for organizing the crime. He is currently being held under the alias “Pierre B.”

Overall, we hope justice will be served in this case and we’ll keep you updated as we receive more info.

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Jan 9, 2017 7:48pm PDT

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