Martin Shkreli Gets SUSPENDED From Twitter For Harassing Teen Vogue Editor With Creepy Photo Collage!

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Can Martin Shkreli start working on a cure for Martin Shkreli?

The Big Pharma executive has already proven he’s a capitalistic douche bag, an award-winning troll, and a certifiable perv.

But now, his talents have seemingly reached new heights — Shkreli’s Twitter account was suspended for literally being too creepy.

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On Sunday, the social media site temporarily suspended the executive’s account shortly after he updated his profile with a serial killer-esque photo collage of Teen Vogue editor Lauren Duca.

Twitter confirmed that Shkreli’s account was shut down as a result of his harassing Duca — but unfortunately, a troll can never be destroyed for good on the internet.

The former pharmaceutical executive can appeal his suspension and have his account reactivated as long as he makes changes, like deleting the Photoshopped image of himself and Duca cuddling on a couch.

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The editor accused the 33-year-old of “targeted harassment,” and told Mashable he “absolutely deserves” the suspension — but she also noted that the social media site needs to put more effort into stopping trolls from causing online abuse.

Before Shkreli’s account was shut down, Duca tweeted some of his creepy online advancements — and harassment — to CEO Jack Dorsey, sharing:

Can we just say, he WOULD have a plus one to Donald Trump‘s inauguration — but just like the President-elect, it looks like he’s having trouble getting people to tag along! Ha!

Clearly, Shkreli’s fragile ego couldn’t take the public rejection, as it was Duca’s dismissal of his invitation that prompted him to update his Twitter profile with a creepy af photo collage:

We’re glad Twitter stepped into action, and hope for Duca’s sake Shkreli stays off for good.

[Image via Twitter.]

Jan 9, 2017 1:18pm PDT

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