Woman Jailed For Posting ‘Rape Fantasy’ Craigslist Ads Aimed At Ex’s Wife Cleared Of All Charges — Because The ‘Pregnant’ Wife Was BEHIND THE WHOLE THING!

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This convoluted story has so many twists and turns, it seems like something straight out of a Lifetime movie.

Last July, we reported that a California woman was arrested and charged with posting “rape fantasy” ads on Craigslist that invited men to violate her ex-boyfriend’s new wife.

But like something out of a crime novel, it turns out the wife was allegedly behind the twisted scheme the entire time, and now she’s the one facing major jail time!

According to Orange County DA Tony Rackauckas, Michelle Hadley (above, left) has been cleared of all felony charges and is merely “an innocent victim of a diabolical scheme.”

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The scheme was cooked up by none other than Angela Maria Diaz (above, right), the pregnant wife of Hadley’s ex, who tearfully called 911 last June telling cops a man tried to rape her in her garage.

Police later found a gruesome Craigslist ad of someone posing as Diaz and invited men to her condo for casual “rape fantasy” encounters. Officials traced these emails back to Hadley, and the 30-year-old spent 88 days in jail.

However, a break in the case came when investigators were able to determine the IP addresses associated with the ads were actually from the homes of Diaz and her father!

After discovering Diaz had allegedly used software to switch the IP addresses, police now realize the 31-year-old was behind it all — and are calling her a “serial con artist”!

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Investigators say Diaz sent emails to herself to make it look like Hadley had written the messages, and had allegedly used Virtual Private Networks and third-party proxy servers to avoid getting caught.

Not only are prosecutors now accusing Diaz of impersonating two of her husband’s ex girlfriends online — but altering a paycheck to give herself an extra $2,000, faking cervical cancer, pretending to be an attorney, and even “faking a pregnancy.”

Authorities don’t believe Diaz’s husband — an unnamed U.S. marshal — was in on the plot. Though seeing as he married the con artist last February a month after meeting her through an online dating profile, he had to be pretty smitten not to see all those red flags!

Hadley, who faced life in prison a few months ago, will now go back to her MBA studies. Now in her place, Diaz faces up to 12 years in prison and 11 years in county jail if convicted.

[Image via Anaheim Police Department/Orange County District Attorney.]

Jan 10, 2017 2:03pm PDT

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