Leah Remini Accused Of ‘Inciting Hate Crimes’ Against Church Of Scientology In Season Finale Of Scientology And The Aftermath!

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Over the past couple months, Leah Remini‘s docuseries, Scientology and the Aftermath has dropped a TON of shocking details regarding members — but the finale was heavily focused on a scary accusation against Leah!

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Obviously the Church of Scientology has NOT been happy with the King of Queens star as they’ve sent several letters condemning the actress’ efforts to expose the truth behind the religion. Well, the situation is SO BAD that the Church has accused Miz Remini of “inciting hate crimes.” SRSLY?!

Apparently, the organization is claiming the 46-year-old inspired a young man who is bipolar, to throw a hammer through the Church’s window. Again, SRSLY?!

The episode followed Remini as she traveled to see the family who the Sea Org claims is guilty of both hate speech and hate crimes against their religion because their son threw the hammer! The show’s host met up with Lois and Gary Reisdorf to talk about their experience in the Church with their sons Brandon, Brett, and Craig.

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Most of the family is disconnected from the church now, but Lois was a high ranking member for 22 years and didn’t leave until 2016! Things started to go south for the family when Brandon had a bipolar episode, and because Scientologists don’t believe in psychology, the boy was put into an “introspection rundown.” The show explained this involves being put in isolation for weeks as well as intense interrogation.

Brandon revealed to the show’s hosts:

“Being born into Scientology, it’s kind of passed down that psychiatry’s not the answer to any spiritual problems or mental problems or whatever, and so the Church gave me their solution to that problem, which is called the introspection rundown.”

Lois and Gary’s son also explained how Scientologists think people need:

“… to just let it go, and they claim (the episode will) run out eventually and then you’re fine again. It’s hard to explain. I should’ve been in a psychiatric hospital.”


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The former member went on to describe his experience, saying:

“I was locked in a room for 24 hours a day, experiencing craziness in my mind. It was just colors and pictures and hallucinations.”

During this time, Lois and Gary were in contact with non-Scientologist family members, which as you know is a big no-no, and that ultimately got the parents kicked out of the organization.

Though most of the Reisdorfs left, Craig decided to stay behind and disconnect from his family, but Brandon didn’t handle this well and he threw a hammer through the church’s window. As a result, he was convicted of a felony for a hate crime that has “destroyed” him now that he’s labeled a felon.

What’s worse is after Brandon finally went to receive psychiatric treatment, he wouldn’t take any medication, as he admitted:

“I did protest taking the psychiatric drugs ├óΓé¼╦£cause I was still a bit brainwashed about it. They had to get a federal court order for me to take it and so I took the drugs after I lost that.”

The organization has since responded to the Reisdorfs’ claims with a statement on their website:

“Now, frustrated that their son Craig remains in the religion and that he refused to let them run his entire life, they are resorting to Leah Remini’s hate-filled reality TV show to lie. Rather than accept responsibility as parents, the Reisdorfs use the program to offer excuses while allowing warped hatemongers Remini and Mike Rinder to actually try to blame their former religion for a violent attack against the Los Angeles Church by their son Brandon in which he was arrested and charged by authorities before pleading guilty.”

But the drama wasn’t over as Leah wanted to dig deeper and wondered if she could go to the FBI seeing as how the organization is making WILD and damning claims against her! Thanks to some advice, the series host contacted reporter John Sweeney as a start, he not only had experiences with being stalked by the church, but interviewed Remini back when she was a member!

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Though John offered some great feedback from his perspective, one of the most interesting things the two talked about was “Xenu”, the intergalactic being who came to Earth over 75 million years ago, and started the religion. Unfortunately, the actress revealed all info about Xenu is “confidential” and there’s a $100,000 fine to ANYONE who reveals details to someone outside of the church. SHEESH!

At the end of the episode, Leah and Mike met up with lawyers in New York regarding the possibility of taking legal action against the church. Though, due to confidentiality, we don’t know what the lawyers said regarding a course of action. We guess that’s what they call a cliffhanger!

While we wait to hear if Scientology and the Aftermath will be back for a second season, what did you think about all the bombshells Leah’s dropped so far?

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Jan 11, 2017 8:53am PDT

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