Mariah Carey Sues Entertainment Company For Refusing To Pay Her In Full For CANCELED Concerts!

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Mariah Carey is NOT having an easy go of it these days!

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Carey filed a lawsuit against FEG Entretenimientos for refusing to pay her the full amount for canceled concerts.

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As previously reported, the singer has faced controversy after controversy in 2016 and in the first weeks of the New Year. Not only did the entertainer have a disastrous NYE performance, but a fan recently destroyed her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too.

Not to mention her terrible breakup with her ex-fiancé James Packer.

Well now the reality star is going after FEG Entretenimientos for allegedly ripping her off for concerts SHE HERSELF canceled. The South American tour was to take place on October 28 and 30 of 2016.

Unfortunately, the icon canceled the dates in Argentina and Chile just three days before the performances were set to take place. Subsequently, the company decided to not pay Carey in full.

The star argues the company was late paying three promised installments. The mom of two argues she shouldn’t have been responsible to fly herself, crew, and production team overseas out of her own pocket.

The lawsuit further argues:

“In the music industry everyone knows the familiar story of the deceitful promoter that promises to pay and fails to deliver. This lawsuit is filed in part not only to confirm the multiple breaches of the contracts by FEG … but to warn the artistic community not to trust any promises from FEG.”

Mariah also goes on to claim that these booked dates caused her to miss out on other lucrative deals and branding opportunities.

So, who do YOU think is in the wrong here?

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Jan 11, 2017 7:19pm PST

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