Seth Meyers Grills Kellyanne Conway On The Latest SHOCKING Russian Hacking Reports Involving Donald Trump — Watch!

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Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge Kellyanne!

Over the past few months, there’s been quite a bit of news about Russia’s possible interference with the U.S. election and Seth Meyers wants to get to the bottom of it!

On Tuesday, not only did ANOTHER bombshell report drop linking Donald Trump to Russia, but the businessman’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, happened to stop by Meyers’ show!

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Seeing as how Seth LOVES to lay into Donald with his “A Closer Look” segment, the Saturday Night Live alum had no problem grilling Miz Conway about the recent report that had come out earlier in the day!

Even though the comedian didn’t bring up the golden showers, he did ask Kellyanne about the alleged plan to blackmail Trump over “compromising personal and financial information.” Doing her best to dodge the question, Donald’s campaign manager replied:

“Well, guess what hasn’t happened, Seth, nobody has sourced it. They’re all unnamed, unspoken sources in the story. And it says it was based on a Russian investigator to begin with.”

That’s when Seth chimed in to correct Kellyanne, saying it was actually an MI6 British investigator, to which Conway said, “right, one of those,” before continuing to dodge. LOLz!

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The politically minded woman went on by saying:

“It also says that Hillary Clinton and groups that wanted Hillary Clinton to win may have been behind in the investigations themselves, And, most importantly, it says the FBI is trying to confirm it. So, nothing has been confirmed.”

Conway then tried to place the blame elsewhere as she continued:

“We should be concerned that intelligence officials leak to the press and won’t go and tell the president-elect or the president of the United States himself now, Mr. Obama, what the information is They’d rather go tell the press.”

*eye roll* The show’s host thankfully didn’t pull a Jimmy Fallon and would NOT back down as he shot back:

“But the press report was about them going to the president.”

Of course Trump’s right-hand-woman had a response:

“And it says they never briefed it on him, that they appended two pages to the bottom of his intelligence report.”

Meyers AGAIN not backing down, said:

“I believe it said they did brief him on it.”

Snap! Snap! After the 49-year-old tried to reply saying, “Well he has said he’s not aware of that,” the funnyman joked that he was concerned. Clearly, Kellyanne wasn’t pleased with this response as she retorted:

“That’s not fair. That’s not fair. And it’s not true.”

Classic. Don’t worry though, the Late Night host went on to talk to Kellyanne about Donald’s Twitter behavior, her odd quote on CNN about listening to what’s in Trump’s black heart instead of his mouth, and so much more!

Ch-ch-check out Kellyanne’s interview with Seth (below) and be sure to let us know what you think!

And don’t forget to watch Late Night with Seth Meyers when it airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. EST on NBC!

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Jan 11, 2017 7:59am PDT

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