Anderson Cooper & Kellyanne Conway Have A Heated Exchange — And They Will NOT Back Down Over Reporting On Russia!

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Spinmaster Kellyanne!

If you’ve been paying attention, you know Donald Trump‘s been dealing with some MAJOR controversy the past couple days thanks to #GoldenShowerGate and the way in which some news outlets reported the story.

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During Trump’s first press conference on Wednesday, the President-elect got into a shouting match with CNN‘s senior White House correspondent, Jim Acosta and called the network “fake news.”

Well, Anderson Cooper was NOT okay with the Trump administration’s treatment of his employer and luckily he had the senior adviser to the future POTUS, Kellyanne Conway on his show Wednesday night to get to the bottom of it!

Cooper, being the incredibly poised professional he is, did NOT back down as the two clashed over how CNN and other news outlets handled the claims. Kellyanne continually accused CNN of being the first to report the story and Anderson argued that Conway was confusing his network’s coverage with BuzzFeed, which published the dossier in full that contained the specific allegations against Donald.

Miz Conway of course did her best to come out swinging at the beginning, saying:

“I know CNN must be feeling the heat today of having a headline yesterday at around 6:30 p.m. that said, quote, ├óΓé¼╦£Intel chiefs presented Trump with information that Russia had information to compromise him.'”

Thankfully, after some back and forth, the CNN newsman proved he wasn’t going to be pushed around as he told his guest:

“I guess what you still haven’t answered, though, is what is inaccurate in our reporting? Because you said you weren’t in the briefing, you don’t know if what we’re reporting is true or not. You weren’t in the briefing. And I guess you haven’t heard anything about what was in the briefing from anybody who was there. Can you deny that what we reported, not what BuzzFeed, all that unsubstantiated stuff, which we’re not reporting, what we reported — how can you say it’s not true?”

After more tense exchanges, and Cooper calling Conway out for not answering the question, she FINALLY said:

“Here’s the answer — if the four intelligence officials that gave the top secret briefing last week that some fools think they should leak to the media when it’s a top secret intelligence briefing for a reason so that we’re all protected, everybody, then why, according to your own report last night — ‘report’ used as a loose word here — why do they not tell the President-elect about it? Because your own reporting says that there’s no confirmation that they briefed him orally.”

For whatever reason, Kellyanne continued to INSIST throughout the rest of the interview that the CNN report linked to BuzzFeed’s publishing of the document — something Anderson denied over and OVER!

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At one point, the politically minded woman tried to downplay how credible unnamed sources were because they haven’t come forward and Kellyanne even urged them to reveal themselves. She CLEARLY has a firm understanding of how journalism works…

Though the ENTIRE interview will get your blood boiling as the two argued and talked over each other the whole time, our favorite bit had to be when Cooper told Conway:

“What you think and what is true and are not necessarily the same thing.”


Oh, and in case you’re curious, Anderson took the time at the end of the video to prove that CNN DID NOT link to the BuzzFeed article, despite Miz Conway’s tweet claiming she did a “fact-check.” We guess some people like to half-ass their fact-checks. But don’t worry, the adviser has since tried to spin her way out of it saying:

So after BLASTING CNN by saying they specifically linked to the story and spreading the news to all of Trump’s supporters, Kellyanne has backtracked — because she clearly didn’t understand what “linking to” was — and now suggests that CNN is still at fault for mentioning BuzzFeed‘s name? What do you call it when someone shares false reports or information to the masses like what Trump’s administration did by saying CNN linked to the story and then backtracked? “Fake news,” right?

If you want to hear the full frustrating interview, check it out (below).

[Image via CNN.]

Jan 12, 2017 8:10am PDT

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