Forget Politics, Donald Trump Is Now Using His Twitter To Promote… L.L. Bean?!

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We’d say “Classic”… but this happens every day.

Donald Trump has proven he has no issue with ignoring conflicts of interest, but his latest Twitter blunder is especially un-Presidential — even for him!

Following his outstandingly ignorant press conference on Wednesday where he blasted certain news publications for holding him accountable for his actions, Donald attempted to thank one of his biggest supporters for her “courage” on Thursday: Former Republican politician Linda Bean.

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Unfortunately for fans of transparency, Linda just so happens to be the heiress to L.L. Bean (and is currently the owner of Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine lobster restaurants).

Apparently, some anti-Trump protesters are boycotting the outdoor clothing brand after Linda donated the illegal amount of $60,000 to the Making America Great Again Super PAC. But luckily for her, the alleged golden shower enthusiast is now using his platform to ensure his followers stay loyal to the Bean…

Yep — the President-elect is literally using his power to affect change… of clothes, tweeting:

Really? “Buy L.L. Bean”???

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Regardless of your political leanings, you HAVE to be aware the President-elect should not be using his platform to support a private retailer.

Can you even imagine if President Barack Obama tried something like this? His opponents would literally never stop talking about it. But it’s just thing #237 for Trump.

Do U think Donald Trump needs his Twitter license revoked??

[Image via CBS.]

Jan 12, 2017 11:32am PDT

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