Multiple Suspects In The Kim Kardashian Robbery Case Have Been Charged — Get The Scoop!

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UPDATE 6:22 P.M. EST: Gary was just charged with complicity and criminal association.

UPDATE 3:30 P.M. EST: It’s been confirmed by the Paris Prosecutor’s office to NBC News that THREE suspects have officially been charged in connection to Kim Kardashian West’s robbery!

In addition to 63-year-old Yunice A., 64-year-old Marceau B. is facing preliminary charges of handling stolen goods and criminal association AND 44-year-old Florus H. is being charged with complicity in the alleged kidnapping and robbery, as well as criminal association.

The reality TV star’s chaffeur’s brother, Gary Madar, is currently believed to be appearing in front of the investigation judge.

We’ll continue to update you on any more charges filed.

Kim Kardashian West must be slightly relieved!

On Thursday, it was revealed that one of the five culprits suspected in her October robbery has been charged. Whoa.

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According to one prosecutor, a man named Yunice A. has been officially charged with robbing the KUWTK star at gun point at the No Address Hotel in Paris during Fashion Week. Reports state Yunice, who is 63-years-old, is facing charges of armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping, and criminal association.

So it’s no wonder the French police have requested the alleged culprit stay in their custody! As we previously reported, 17 people were arrested earlier this week for their supposed involvement in the high profile crime.

It’s said nine (possibly 10) suspects are still in custody, including four of the men suspected of being DIRECTLY involved with the jewelry heist. A source close to the investigation claims the suspects were “beginning to admit their involvement” in the terrifying robbery. Apparently, the criminals who actually bound, gagged, and robbed Keeks are believed to be among those still remaining in custody. Eek.

Prior to Yunice being charged, French authorities released three men and a woman who were brought in as a part of Monday’s mass arrests. Mrs. West’s Paris chauffeur’s brother, named Gary Madar, is believed to still be in custody.

Be sure to stay tuned for more details as this story is developing!

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Jan 12, 2017 1:35pm PDT

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