Women’s March On Washington Has Over A THOUSAND Bus Permits Requested — Which Is A LOT More Than What Donald Trump’s Inauguration Has Applied For!

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Talk about uniting for a great cause!

We’re only a week away from Donald Trump‘s inauguration and as you may have heard, there’s going to be the Women’s March on Washington the following day!

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What’s so INCREDIBLE about the march, is now it could actually be MORE popular than Trump’s big event!

The activist event, which originally started out as a Facebook page asking women to protest Donald being inaugurated, has grown SO massive that about SIX TIMES the amount of buses have applied for permits compared to the inauguration!

According to D.C. Council member Charles Allen, at least 1,200 buses have applied for permits to park at RFK Stadium on the day of the march, January 21. Apparently, there are only about 200 applicants so far for the day before to see the President-elect sworn in. BURNNNN.

Though the total amount of buses parking at RFK doesn’t paint a full picture of how many buses are actually headed to D.C. for the inauguration, but seeing as how it’s the main city-run parking option, it gives you a pretty good idea!

At this moment, more than 183,000 have said they will be attending the march, so hopefully those numbers only keep growing!

Do YOU think Donald’s inauguration will have a higher turnout than the march on Washington?

[Image via Instagram/NBC.]

Jan 13, 2017 8:11am PDT

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