George Michael’s Partner Fadi Fawaz’s Alleged Frantic Phone Call To His Nephew After Finding The Singer Dead Revealed

George Michael

After George Michael‘s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz found the iconic singer’s lifeless body on Christmas day, he reportedly called the police and then his nephew, Josh.

Speaking with Australia Daily Telegraph, Josh opened up about receiving Fadi’s frantic call that day — and says any suspicion surrounding his uncle’s involvement is “bullshit.”

The outlet reports his uncle told the 28-year-old upon finding the Careless Whisper crooner dead in his home, “Oh God, I think he’s dead,” while trying to revive him.

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The DJ explained the situation:

“I’ve never heard a grown man cry so much. Fadi called me saying ‘what am I going to do without him?’ … They spent almost every day together for six years. He was so upset, he had been crying at the house beside George and I believe he found him dead.”

Josh confirms reports Fadi has been cooperating with authorities during the investigation and defends his character:

“Fadi has had the finger pointed at him but it’s all bull***t. There was nothing but love in that relationship; he has been called a leech and all sorts, but he never took advantage or would do anything to hurt George.”


“They were very much together and in love. Two days prior to George’s death I was in the pub in London with my uncle and he called him to say he’ll be home soon. They were living together, they hadn’t split.”

He went on to express concern for Fadi, who is understandably still reeling from the songwriter’s passing:

“I’m worried about his mental state, to be honest. I don’t know how he’ll cope without George.”

We’ll keep you updated as more details come to light.

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Jan 13, 2017 12:32pm PDT

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