First Dog Sunny Bit Malia Obama’s Friend On The Face — She Even Had To Get Stitches! Look!

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The dog days are almost over for the Obamas — and apparently, their actual dog is ready to step out of the spotlight.

On Monday, one of Malia Obama‘s friends left the White House with a bloody face after being bitten by the first family’s dog Sunny! Ouch!

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Snapchat posts of the unnamed 18-year-old surfaced online (above), showing the teen getting stitched up at the office of the president’s physician with blood trickling down her face.

In one photo, the girl is seen laying down in the doctor’s office while Malia similes in the background. She wrote in the snap:

“I f*cking hate Sunny”

Sources told TMZ that the teen was bitten by Sunny when she leaned down to pet and kiss the Portuguese water dog.

The President’s physician Dr. Ronny Jackson evaluated her and decided to stitch up her face. While the victim was allegedly upset over the possibility of a scar, she revealed in another post that:

“Malia thinks it’s funny”

We hope Malia’s friend heals up — but if you’re gonna get attacked by a dog, it may as well be the president’s dog! Having that story for the rest of your life is worth a tiny scar!

[Image via White House/Instagram/Snapchat.]

Jan 13, 2017 12:40pm PDT

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