Box Office Disaster — Three Opening Duds Are Creating A Brutal Three-Day Weekend In Theaters!

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It may be a three-day weekend, but the box office isn’t going to catch a break, thanks to three opening weekend duds!

In fact, that 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend might go down as something of a historically bad one for the movie industry — with Silence, Live By Night, and Monster Trucks all bombing in their opener!

What gives?!

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Martin Scorsese‘s new release Silence (pictured above) may draw with big names and a decent-sized opener — in 747 theaters — but it looks set to earn a measly $2.5 million over this first weekend available, Friday through the holiday Monday.

That’s really bad, especially considering it cost $50 million to make the movie, with financing being taken on independently and Paramount Pictures handling distribution and marketing. Couple that with very little award season interest, and… oops!

It’s not just Scorsese’s work, though; Ben Affleck‘s Live By Night is struggling VERY badly this weekend, too!

On Friday night, it earned just $2.9 million across a whopping 2,822 theaters — giving it a projected gross over the entire long weekend that won’t be above $7 million!

Just like Silence, that’s bad news for investors, because the movie cost about $65 million to make (and that’s after the tax rebates and incentives that brought down the cost from its original total near $100 million)!

Both of those are Paramount flicks, but it’s not just that film giant that is struggling; family film Monster Trucks and its Viacom heads aren’t doing so hot, either. The kid-catered truck flick may have had a whopping $125 million budget, but 3,111 locations on Friday night brought it only $2.6 million in ticket sales — and that means it’s only projected to get somewhere around $12 million in TOTAL across the four-day weekend.

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WOW!!! So where’s the good news?!

Well, Hidden Figures continues to kill it after earning $22.8 million last weekend; on Friday night, across about 3,300 theaters, the astronaut-themed flick drew $5.5 million in the first night of its second weekend in theaters, decidedly better than the pathetic totals of those new releases just listed above.

Furthermore, after a huge night at the Golden Globes, La La Land is drawing interest, too; it grossed $4.1 million on Friday and is slated to do as much as $17 million in total across this four-day weekend.

Add to the fact that it is already past $50 million internationally — and doing very well in the UK, specifically — and, well, it’s all a lot better than those three pathetic new releases.

Elsewhere of note, Patriots Day expanded nationwide and did respectably — $4.1 million from just over 3,100 theaters on Friday — after being released in a limited output for a few weeks.

But the real story here is those three opening duds… can’t win ’em all, apparently!!

Did U see anything in theaters last night, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know what you’ve been watching in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Paramount Pictures.]

Jan 14, 2017 5:29pm PDT

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