Are Performers’ Record Labels To Blame For Donald Trump’s Miserable Inauguration Lineup?!

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It’s official now that Toby Keith and Three Doors Down have booked themselves gigs performing at Donald Trump‘s inauguration (uh… congrats?), but there just aren’t that many other performers willing to step up for the Prez-elect!

And after Jennifer Holliday very publicly backed off in an open letter published earlier today… is something deeper going on here??

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The Donald isn’t exactly popular — and he’s been controversial for the past two years of his weird, wacky campaign run — but TMZ is reporting that it’s not just artists turning down the opportunity to perform at his inauguration next week… it’s also their record companies forbidding them from doing so!

Sources close to the inauguration are dropping lines that performers have pulled out of the event, and other various inaugural balls, not necessarily due to their own personal choices, but more so because their record labels have put their foot down against The Donald!

Still other stars — and this appears to have been Holliday’s case today — are so nervous about the backlash they’d receive from a Trump performance that they don’t want to offend fans and are happy to pass by this inauguration of such a despicable, scary president.

Can’t blame ’em, and you can’t blame the record labels for deciding it might not be in their best interest to have their stars seem to be supporting The Donald come next Friday.

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The end result, though, at least right now?

A lot more Toby and Three Doors Down.

Couldn’t happen to a better President…

[Image via NBC.]

Jan 14, 2017 6:18pm PDT

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