Uma Thurman Accused Of Medicating Mental Illness With Booze & Drugs In Vicious Custody Hearing

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This is just all kinds of ugly from Uma Thurman‘s ex — and the star is now dealing with the aftermath of a flying string of vicious accusations that played out in court this week.

Thurman, who is undergoing a custody trial against her financier ex-fianc├â┬⌐ and father of her daughter, Arpad ‘Arki’ Busson, was the subject of many a salacious accusation by Busson’s lawyers on Friday.

That included the biggie: they claim the film star used a dangerous cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol to treat a mental illness.

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Busson’s lawyer, Peter Bronstein, led things off by asking a psychologist the following about the Pulp Fiction star’s alleged habits:

“You had Mr. Busson telling you├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ and you put this in your report a number of times ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ that the mother [Thurman] had serious mental illness and this was a point of conflict because the mother resented being accused of having a serious mental illness?”

The psychologist answered yes — and testified that Thurman is allegedly mixing three drugs — Triazolam, Wellbutrin, and Klonopin — to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

When Bronstein asked about Thurman consuming alcohol, too, the movie star’s lawyer objected, and the judge cut off that line of questioning.

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For Thurman’s part, her lawyer spent the week painting Busson as a bad dad to their four-year-old daughter Luna, laying out a number of alleged instances where the financier’s parenting skills just never showed up, and Luna was left in precarious spots.

The pair argued about who was to care for Luna during trips to the Bahamas, and whether the girl’s private NYC school was good enough — in other words, in some ways, just another high-end custody hearing between two rich New Yorkers.

Still, having your ex’s lawyer throw out big-time drug and booze accusations is no joke.


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Jan 14, 2017 3:02pm PDT

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