VOTE: Teen Celebrates Her First Period With A Party & Cake — Is This ‘Super Extra’ Or Too Perfect?!

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What an adorable and inneresting story!

For those who missed it, on January 9 a teen from Florida named Autumn Jenkins shared a tweet announcing that her cousin Brooke Lee just got her period for the first time. While the message might seem a little TMI, it actually ended up being a sweet anecdote on body positivity and a celebration of femininity!

So much so that it ended up getting retweeted nearly 14,000 times in just a week!

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In the post, Autumn revealed her aunt gifted Brooke with a “Congrats On Your Period Cake” and boxes of tampons/pads to mark the milestone occasion. The teenager even joked that her family is “super extra” when it comes to these types of things!

Ch-ch-check out the period party tweet (below)!

Ha! This is definitely different but also a refreshing take on female puberty!

Take a look at some of the reactions to tweet (below)!

Well, it looks like the overall consensus is that period parties are the right way to go! We won’t be surprised if we see more of these celebrations popping up…

But wait, what do YOU think of Brooke’s period bash?

[Image via Twitter.]

Jan 16, 2017 3:58pm PDT

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