Donald Trump Once Said The Declaration Of Independence Was Wrong That ‘All Men Are Created Equal’

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Does Donald Trump realize the Declaration of Independence isn’t open for creative interpretation?

On Monday, New York Times contributor Deborah Solomon tweeted out a transcript from an interview she conducted with the future President-elect in 2009.

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In the resurfaced transcript, Deborah and Drumpf have a debate over the phrase “all men are created equal,” which appears in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. The pair were initially discussing the term in context to The Apprentice, the show’s wide range of contestants, and what makes someone a “champion.”

Here’s how the edited and final version of the discussion appeared in the newspaper:

“Deborah: As the boss of the boardroom in the TV show “The Apprentice,” do you think anyone can be a champion?

Donald: They say all men are created equal. It’s not true. Some people are born very smart, some people are born not so smart.”

In this context, it sounds like the 70-year-old is saying not everyone is born with the same level of intelligence. Whether you disagree or agree with the statement, it’s obvious the failed businessman was strictly referring to IQs. The Declaration is never even brought up.

Well, it looks like the un-edited version of the conversation paints a much more disturbing picture of our next POTUS and his views of the sacrosanct document.

Ch-ch-check out the full convo (below)!

In case you can’t read the highlighted text, that says:

“Donald: Either they don’t have the energy, maybe they realize they don’t nave the talent. It’s not just wanting to be a champion, you need certain ingredients. They say all men are created equal. It doesn’t get any more famous but, is it really true?

Deborah: What do you think?

Donald: It’s not true. Some people are born very smart, some people are born not so smart. Some people are born very beautiful and some people are not so you can’t say they’re all created equal.

Deborah: They’re entitled to equal treatment under the law. I think that’s what the statement means. It doesn’t mean everybody has the same endowments.

Donald: That’s correct. The phrase is used often so much and it’s a very confusing phrase to a lot of people.”

Yikes, this is terrifying on many levels! It sounds like Ms. Solomon actually had to EXPLAIN the Declaration of Independence to our next president.

And frankly, we’re dubious about whether he understood her!

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The other possibility is the p*ssy grabber really doesn’t believe in equality for all and he was trying to cover up his tracks by calling the phrase “confusing.”

Either way, the Declaration of Independence should not be a baffling document. Hopefully Donald can find a fifth grader to break down the doc’s concepts for him before he takes office.

So, how do YOU interpret this transcript?

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Jan 17, 2017 6:20pm PDT

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